Single Source Solutions

Everything you need to build with confidence

Houston County Ready Mix stocks just about everything else you need for a successful pour, saving you time, money and heartburn. You’ll have complete confidence that everything you put into your project will pay you back with lasting quality:

  Asphalt Patch
Sack Cement
Sack Masonry
Blasting Sand
Masonry Sand
Wire Mesh
Septic lids

Poly Culverts
Poly Bands
Limestone Base
Crushed stone
River Rock
Landscape Rock
Bull Rock
Rip Rap
Fill Dirt
Fill Sand
Top Soil
Bark Mulch
Mushroom Dirt

Ask an Expert

With Crockett Sand and Gravel in the family, Houston County Ready Mix experts can help you plan your project from start to finish. Use the online Project Calculator to calculate approximate yardage, then call 936-544-7200 today to Ask an Expert for recommendations and current pricing.

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